The King Solution For TOP FUEL/PRO MOD

Ultra high horsepower developed in 500 cubic inch Top Fuel engines can cause havoc with regular engine bearings in a matter of seconds. Under heavy loads, engine bearings are required to resist fatigue and deformation. Any deformation or fatigue can cause the oil film to become weak and break down, allowing contact between the bearing and crankshaft surfaces. King TFC bearings have a unique metallurgic structure developed specifically for Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Mod and similar applications. TFC features a polymer composite matrix over strengthened Babbitt, and a special ductile bronze intermediate layer over a high strength steel platform. King TFC bearings are designed to withstand the metal-to-metal contact and extreme loading from 10,000 HP Top Fuel engines.

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Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars are the fastest drag race vehicles in the world. With nitromethane as a fuel and 500 cubic inches of displacement, they develop over 10,000 horsepower. They are capable of reaching speeds of 335mph in 3.6 seconds during a run of 1,000 ft.


Pro Mod race cars are 250+ mph door slammers running on injected nitrous/high octane racing fuel or supercharged and fueled with methanol. They are the fastest class of drag cars with working doors. Pro Mods are purpose-built race cars cloaked in replica street car bodies ranging in style from the 1930’s to the present day. They can cover the quarter mile in under 6 seconds.


The Best Bearing For Your Top Fuel/Funny Car/Pro Mod Vehicle.

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Marina Anderson
Jeff Miller King is more consistent
I chose KING BEARINGS because they have a more consistent/accurate tolerance, and the new XPC series seems to hold up better under the high loads. I have had great success with them and plan to continue using them.
Howard Michael This is why we switched
Since switching to King Bearings it has reduced the amount of engine rebuilds during the season. King Bearings have made our Top Sportsman car and Super Comp dragster consistent throughout the years. Nobody offers bearings like the King.
Justin Ashley We are proud to use King!
"As a program, it's our job to make sure we give ourselves the best opportunity to win. Partnering with King Engine Bearings assures us of the highest quality and most well-designed bearings on the market. We are proud to partner with King and are looking forward to running their bearings in our dragster."