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TechLab is our starting point for exploring new technologies. It’s where our new products and features are designed, tested and validated.

Our TechLab R&D culture focuses on constant analysis of what can be done to support ever increasing race engine loads, and how to improve bearing durability. One of those technologies is SmartLug™.


King developed SmartLug™ for high performance bearings. It prevents lug generated
oil leaks and maintains full bearing surface in the parting line area for better load
capacity and oil film distribution.

SmartLug™ features a traditional locating lug protruding from the back of the bearing
— without removing any material from the working surface side of the bearing.

Traditional locating lug designs reduce available load carrying surface area and can
cause oil leak paths, especially when located adjacent to an oil groove.

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SmartLug ™ benefits:
  • Increases oil passage capacity
  • Produces higher oil supply
  • No need for custom-made oil
    hole enlargement
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