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TechLab is our starting point for exploring new technologies. It’s where our new products and features are designed, tested and validated.

Our TechLab R&D culture focuses on constant analysis of what can be done to support ever increasing race engine loads, and how to improve bearing durability. One of those technologies is EccentriX™.

Bearings are designed with a gradually decreasing wall thickness from the crown towards 3/8″ from the parting line. This geometry forms a lemon shape, otherwise called “eccentricity”. Together with the oil clearance, eccentricity generates a hydrodynamic regime, which is critical for engine operation and longevity.

Race bearings are often designed with excessive eccentricity. This causes a more concentrated load to be confined to a smaller bearing surface area. It also reduces the oil film thickness at the maximum pressure point. Moreover, the larger oil gap may lead to an unstable hydrodynamic regime and to crankshaft vibrations. Together, these conditions dramatically increase the risk of bearing fatigue and failure.

Ideal eccentricity must consider a range of parameters, including housing material, rigidity and oval deformation at high RPM. King Racing recognizes such challenges and responded with EccentriX™.

What is EccentriX™?

EccentriX™ is an optimized eccentricity value reached through elasto-hydrodynamic analysis and dynamic calculations.

During the process, a range of eccentricity values are analyzed, taking into account oil wedge formation, oil pressure, oil temperature, oval deformation and more. Each bearing’s eccentricity value is designed to meet specific performance requirements and to ensure a perfect hydro-dynamic regime.

With Eccentrix™:

• Better oil wedge formation
• Stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime
• Minimized vibration and wear
• Prevention of oil film “wiping” in high RPM conditions
• Optimal load distribution across bearing surface

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Eccentrix ™ benefits:
  • Increases oil passage capacity
  • Produces higher oil supply
  • No need for custom-made oil
    hole enlargement
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