Racing with extreme load capacity

Sprint cars are very high powered, open wheel race cars designed primarily for racing on short oval dirt and paved tracks. They’re popular world-wide, and reach speeds in excess of 160mph depending on track size. Sprint cars can be either winged or non-winged. They have a very high horsepower to weight ratio, with weights approx. 1400 pounds and power output over 900 horsepower. This is comparable to a F1 car. Sprint cars don’t have transmissions or flywheels. They use an in-or-out gear box and a quick change rear differential to adjust gearing to the track size. Also, they’re not equipped with electric starters, and can only be started by pushing them off. Due to this direct drive set up, sprint car speeds are a function of engine RPM’s and rear gearing. This produces very high stresses and loads on all engine components, especially engine bearings. King’s GPC line of coated engine bearings is designed to withstand the grueling on-and-off loading produced by this form of racing where RPM’s are up and down and the loads are very high. King GPC bearings are 30% stronger than any other tri-metal bearings. Thrust bearings in the GPC Sprint Car line utilize a three piece design preventing thrust surface fracturing and thrust bearing failures.

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Ashley Cappetta Great results and no problems!
We chose King because in the past we have had bad batches of bearings with other companies which later caused our motors to blow up. The bearings also didn't look the best during rebuilds. With King all bearings looked brand new when doing rebuilds and also had no trouble with the bearings. They are provide good performance, no wear and tear, and most importantly great results and no problems.