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Today’s sport compact race engines make more power than ever before. Yesterday’s engine bearings’ load capacity no longer works for today’s sport compact race engines. Tomorrow’s engines will be even more powerful.

King bearings meet these demands with higher performance benchmarks, advanced materials and unique geometrical features.
King Racing’s SV, GPC, XP, and XPC series of rod and main bearings were developed to meet these challenges through technologically advanced geometrical features and a unique metal structures. Together, they drive the industry to a higher level of durability, performance and expectation.

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Mark Johnson
Nichole Elff
Ricky Hofmann
Dmitrij Sribnyj Why I trust King Bearings
King Bearings proved to be an indispensable piece of the heavily modified engine in my SCR Subaru BRZ, where Redline and Extreme conditions appears to be a natural habitat for King Bearings.
Steve Biagioni Why I trust King Bearings
When you drive your car to the limit every time and reliability is everything I only chose the very best for my engines. That’s why I trust and use King Bearings.
Calvin Cooper/Kelsey Stephens Reliability is paramount
Stage Rally is a demanding motorsport. Cars must compete over hundreds of miles in all conditions. Reliability is paramount and we trust King Bearings to see our cars through the finish line and onto the podium.
Riley Sexsmith Always Trust King!
We have a lot of things to worry about when competing at the highest level of drifting. But for the past 2 years, 16 events at 1000 wheel hp we haven't worried about our bearings. Thats why we choose King Bearings for all of our engines, street, time attack and drift we always trust King.
Ralphy Estevez Only the best!
I use King Bearings because they are the best! There is nothing better out in the market!
Daniel Albrecht Always Evolving
In the past couple of years, our program has been having some major engine issues forcing us to not have much seat time. Thankfully 2019 has partnered us with some of the best in the business. The new motor equipped with King Bearings has been nothing but amazing. Looking into 2020 there is a great deal of hope, can't wait to see just how fast we can go!
Cadien Hudson Always use the best
“When building race engines the main thing I try to obtain is consistency and durability, that’s why my choice of engine bearings are King Bearings. Precise clearances each and every time and they withstand the gruesome abuse we put these engines through at almost 11,000rpms”
Faruk Kugay Only The Best For Team Faruk
"If you’re building a motor that you want to last in any kind of performance driving or racing application, you should just run King Bearings. They work, they’re reliable. Their coated bearings for the 2JZ are what we run. We pull them out after the motor’s in for its routine maintenance and they’re absolutely perfect. It’s a great product, great company, great product support. I highly recommend them to anybody who’s building a performance motor."
Tony Fuentes Best Bearings In The Business
I’ve been racing for many years and have gone through a lot of motor rebuilds throughout the years. We have been using King Bearings since day one. We are happy to be a partner with such a great company.
Wes Spry Why I switched to King XPC
“I felt compelled to write this testimonial because of the huge difference we have seen in bearing life and overall consistency of the bearings. Twenty five passes at 1500hp and bearings still look brand new!”
Patrick Waligore The Quality Is The Best
"Being both an engine builder and racer, I use King Racing Bearings because of their unparalleled quality and precision during assembly. Which gives me the confidence I need as a driver to extract the most out of my BMW to break records, win races, and win championships."
Rodrigo Gallo
William Au-Yeung Why I choose King XPC
"King Racing Bearings are the first, and only choice for all of our Engines – from our 900hp Time Attack Civic, to our GLTC RSX Racecar, we always depend on King! Highest Performance, Consistency and Reliability are what you can expect for yourself!”
Kalin Benchev
Marisa Grixti Why I choose King Bearings
King themselves the Engine Bearing Specialist and its pretty much spot on! After doing some research I was advised to go with King bearings... and after using them I can really say they give zero issues, and are really spot on! Would not change them - and would recommend them to anyone who asks! Very wide range of products for all your needs!
James Kempf Why I choose King Bearings
We have been using King Racing bearings in our 1200HP - 2000+HP racing program engines since 2015. We started using King bearings because of bearing failures and uneven wear we were experiencing from other manufacturers. We are amazed at how even the wear was and how even the load had been distributed through the bearings. We are proud to have King's racing bearings as an integral part of our racing program.