Always Innovating

At the Forefront of Bearing Research and Development

King’s racing line is a product of a strong research and development culture that has been a part of King since the company’s inception.

Our mission is to develop the most advanced engine bearings, and to address the unmet needs of the racing industry in a highly differentiated way.

Today King’s R&D department (TechLab) is recognized as a leading technology authority in bearing science. Headed by global engine expert Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich, one of the foremost authorities in engine and metalurgical research and development, King R&D develops and deploys the latest innovations in bearing design and production.

Dr. Dmitri Kopeliovich

Research & Development Director of King Engine Bearings Ltd. World leading expert in design, technology and materials for engine bearings. Dr. Kopeliovich is the founder of SubsTech (Substances & Technologies) – leading professional web site on Materials Science and Engineering, and the author of numerous scientific and engineering publications and patents.

With the leadership of Dr. Kopeliovich we strive to lead the research and be at the forefront of implementing engine bearings technoligies and metallurgic innovative disciplines.

Utilizing High Tech

ENSIM ™ – Engine Simulation Software

King’s R&D department utilizes advanced ENSIM™ software to analyze and simulate bearings under variable conditions using a wide range of equipment. The ENSIM™ includes thermodynamic, dynamic and elasto-hydrodynamic analysis.

This system allows us to create and test all new bearing designs and determine the optimal configuration for that application. King is able to analyze engines after real-world use to improve bearing designs for each specific engine independently. We are then able to leverage this information by applying this data to our aftermarket bearing designs as well.