PZ Tuning Debuts Civic at Pike Peak 2021

For those of you don’t know PZ Tuning lost an iconic car in the racing industry. Will Au-Yeung crashed the record setting Civic during a time attack race in 2019. The Civic was to build a new Civic better than the previous version. A 2.0 if you will. With all the lessons learned from the first car Will said he has so much knowledge of the platform it only makes sense to do all the things he always wanted on the new chassis.

With all that being said PZ Tuning built the car over the last two years and debuted the car at the 2021 Pikes Peak Hill Climb.


We’re elated today’s 99th running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. He secured an impressive 3rd place in the unlimited class. Unfortunately, the to snow, meaning Will wasn’t able to take a go at resetting the FWD lap record, but given the times he pulled, he would have had a great shot at a new record if the snow had not caused road closures at the peak.

Watch from the onboard camera of the Civic’s Run up the mountain – Click Here