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TechLab is our starting point for exploring and developing new technologies. It’s where our new products and features are designed, tested and validated.

Our TechLab R&D culture focuses on constant analysis of what can be done to support ever increasing race engine loads, and how to improve bearing durability.

One of those technologies is Alecular™.

KING developed the HP Series utilizing the Alecular™ bi-metal structure. It consists of an aluminum/tin/silicon alloy top layer bonded onto a high strength steel back. Major benefits of the Alecular™ structure are its ability to resist surface migration and extrusion under very high loads, including metal-to-metal contact, over short durations of time. Such conditions may be found in drag racing and monster truck competition.

The HP Bi-metal structure

The HP series was developed mainly for drag race and monster truck applications needing a material that is harder than a Babbitt top layer. These applications require a structure that can withstand high loads for short durations and still offer higher embedabilty and compatibility. In response, KING developed the HP Series featuring the Alecular™ bi-metal structure.

The HP series is also suited for many performance applications using nodular cast iron crankshafts, such as street, strip and some levels of circle track racing.

HP series is particularly suitable for the following cases:

  • • When a tri-metal bearing’s Babbitt overlay extrudes over the sides, migrates to one end, or is physically removed by the crankshaft

  • • When the intermediate layer of a tri-metal bearing is exposed, damaging the crank journal and requiring expensive grinding or replacement

  • • When contaminants enter the oil stream, scratching and damaging the crankshaft journals

King Racing HP

The Alecular™ metal structure was developed for specific race applications such as drag racing and monster trucks, which can benefit from a harder than Babbitt top layer material.

Alecular™ also serves other performance applications that use nodular cast iron crankshafts, such as street/strip and some levels of circle track racing.


Alecular™ benefits:

• The .012-.015” thick top layer can be squeezed and worn up to .010” (vs. tri-metal .0005”) without damaging the crank journals.
• Its Vickers hardness of 40 withstands short duration high loads better than softer Babbitt.
• The thick top layer provides better macro-particle (>.00025”) embedability vs. a typical tri-metal Babbitt (.015” thickness vs .0005”).
• The Alecular temperature threshold is almost 30% greater than tri-metal (450ºF vs.350ºF).

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HP - Alecular™ benefits:
  • 24% greater load capacity
  • 17% more fatigue resistance
  • Compatible with all crankshafts
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