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King Powersports connecting rod bearings and main bearings are designed with tight, graded tolerances to preserve the exacting hydrodynamic regime required by high RPM’s. They are available in thicker and thinner grades of STD (to produce less or more clearance) as well as 0.25mm to fit ground/resized crankshafts! These bearings are perfectly suited for both on-track competition and touring/cruising riders. Want to make the most of your ride? Don’t compromise with ordinary bearings… choose King Powersports bearings.

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Following in-depth research on performance powersports engine needs, King is proud to introduce the industry’s first high performance powersports engine bearing line. King’s Powersports line utilizes pMaxBlack™, a superior performance bearing structure and overlay. It was developed by King specifically for professional race teams in various demanding race platforms such as NASCAR, drift, drag, rally and more.

The Best Bearing for Your Superbike/Powersports Engine Build.


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Brittany Bohne Why I choose King Bearings
I rely on King Engine Bearings to get my Suzuki race bikes down the 1/4 mile. King bearings' superior coatings and construction protect my engine while under high revs and heavy crank loading!