King For Nissan

King Racing – New Nissan Applications

As race engines evolve, and become lighter and more powerful, so grows the need for engine bearings that can withstand ever greater loads. Focusing on its sport compact range, King Racing has developed features that ensure their XP series rod and main bearings can perform under the highest stress and maintain the level of durability and performance demanded by championship race teams. As part of the sport compact range expansion, King offers new items for Nissan including the Nissan GTR VR38DETT.

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MakerEngine QtyACL Ref
NISSAN3.0L SOHC 12v VG30iCR6676XP6 Pairs6B2390H
NISSAN3.0L SOHC 12v VG30iMB4104XP4 Pairs4M2737H
NISSAN3.0L DOHC 24v Twin Turbo VG30DETTCR6676XP6 Pairs6B2390H
NISSAN3.0L DOHC 24v Twin Turbo VG30DETTMB4104XP4 Pairs4M2737H


Click Here for the King Racing Application Guide (pdf)