King Debuts Cutting Edge Coatings at SEMA

The 2019 SEMA Show is just around the corner, and King Engine Bearings is revving up for a show full of innovations. King will introduce 2 new polymer coated bearing series for extreme load racing applications, and a special polymer coated series for start/stop engines. Plus, there will be daily drawings for free tickets to an upcoming Monster Jam event!

We’ve got you covered! A coating solution for every race platform

In addition to showcasing its already popular tri-metal XPC race bearing series, King will introduce the GPC and TFC polymer coated race bearing series, developed for the most challenging motorsports applications.

GPC is a polymer coated tri-metal silver based alloy designed to handle 17,000 PSI compared to available race materials that peak at 11,000 PSI. King GPC bearings are ideal for ultra high load circle track, off-road and marine race applications. TFC is a bronze based tri-metal construction coated with a unique polymer designed for engines that experience continuous metal-to-metal contact. Its most typical applications are Top-Fuel and Pro Mod drag race engines, MC is a new bi-metal polymer coated bearing series designed specifically for start/stop and direct injection engines, but also excellent for traditional engines that would benefit from additional seizure resistance.

Got questions about our range of coated bearing solutions, or seeking an “inside edge”? We can help, and we’ll be waiting to help you at the King SEMA booth #24933 in the Central Hall!