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Race engines competing in the top levels of motorsports need to be built with the highest quality parts. These engines will require engine bearings that can withstand very high loads, minimal oil film thicknesses and occasional boundary lubrication. King Racing has developed the materials, structures and geometries that enable GPC, HP, TFC, XP, & XPC series rod and main bearings to outperform the competition mile after mile, all the way to the checkered flag.

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Derek Travis Why I choose King Bearings
There are times in racing, with the power we have, that you come across products you just have to brag about. The new King bearings we put in Morgan and Sons 706 ci BBC have stood up to the test of all the N20 that we are spraying. I’ve got over 65 passes spraying over 1000 hp of Nitrous and the bearings come out looking great. You can say King Bearings has raised the bar on the bearing industry...
They are the only bearings that will be run in The Silver Units engine.
Michele Abbate Why I choose King Bearings
KING Bearings provides some of the best customer service, knowledge, and products in the motorsports industry. It's no surprise to see their products used in the highest quality builds from race cars to monster trucks, and everything in between. With their focus on performance and quality, we had no doubts about using KING Bearings in our engine builds. The Grr Racing team has used KING Bearings in import, domestic, street, and even marine engine builds all making at least 300hp and up to 1200 hp. KING Bearings is what the winners choose, and we've proven that with our 4 road racing championships!
Eric Malone Why I choose King Bearings
I’m Eric Malone from Fastest Cars in the Dirty South. We love running King bearings in our cars because King bearings take the abuse of racing every weekend. Sometimes we don’t have time to check our engines like we should – but when we do, our bearings always look great.
Brad Zaskowski We continue to support King
We have been using King engine bearings in all our race engines for about 15 years. We put on average 150-225 runs on the motors between freshen ups. When the bearings are removed, they look almost as good as they did when they were first installed.
Jeff Lutz Consistency is King
One of the ways to make my engines live and have good durability is to have just the right amount of bearing oil clearance. Achieving precise oil clearances requires that all bearing thicknesses be consistent. That’s just one of the reasons why I prefer King bearings.