King Alpha Line with AMS Performance

King Engine Bearings and AMS Performance are proud to announce King’s new “Alpha” line of bearings. After years of collaboration, the two leading performance companies are unveiling a new series of engine bearings that now proudly carry the “Alpha” name.

King Has been working with AMS performance for many years now, constantly improving our products. We created narrowed, doweled, and coated versions for GT-R applications, all based on AMS’ technical and on track knowledge. The King Alpha line of high-end performance bearings is a natural continuation of the fruitful work we have been engaged in for years. The Alpha line is a polymer coated series of engine bearings for high-end performance applications. The current announcement includes Nissan, Audi, and Lamborghini platforms.


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AMS Performance
AMS is a leading automotive aftermarket engineering company with unmatched expertise in engine modification and rebuilding. Their unique knowledge of automotive performance for turbocharged vehicles launched them to the top of the industry.
Alpha line bearings range
<vailable applications in the new Alpha line range
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Mike Kojima Inquires into the Alpha line

This amazing queen of the track has been our first in line to get the King Alpha treatment. The Nissan GTR making use of CR6870XPNC connecting rod bearings and MB4524XPC main bearings.


Nissan R35 GT-R
King & AMS have worked together on designing the narrowed connecting rod bearings for the GTR’s VR38DETT engine, in order for them to be suitable for strengthened performance crankshafts with large filler radius, but still have high load capacity that is required in the powerful Alpha engines.
We have also made an additional version of the CR6870XPNC with a factory produced dowel hole on the lower shells. This version, labeled CR6870XPNDC, with D standing for dowel, is available for those who use Aluminum rods with preexisting dowel pins.
A geometric feature, Elliptix™ is added to the MB4524XPC main bearings. it stands for a newly designed oil slot/oil hole hybrid that improves oil ingress, without affecting the bearing’s surface. The innovative changes to the slot hole prevent a compromised load capacity. In the new design, the oil hole cross sectional area has been increased by the combination of a circular oil hole with a slot located in the oil groove. The slot length is greater than the diameter of the oil hole in the crankcase; the slot width is equal to the oil groove width.

Additional application for those Alpha bearings is the Renault R.S. 01.


Nissan Skyline, 370-Z & Infinity Q50, Q60

The Combination of the CR6902XPC connecting Rod bearings and the MB4524XPC main bearing sets are offered in the Alpha range for the VQ35HR / VQ37VHR / VR30DDTT Nissan engines, that are generally part of the Nissan Skyline (2019) model, the Nissan 370 Z, which is the beloved 6th generation Z fan favorite,and the Infinity Q60 & Q50, among others.
As do all the products in the range, we have created the pMaxKote™ versions for those applications, our top of the line polymer coating that was proven to enhance wear resistance, and protect metal-to-metal contact, that is much possible when creating high-load &amp; high-end engines with minimal oil clearance to achieve greater performance. Our pMaxKote™ versions contains ceramic nano particles that function as a forth layer over the pMaxBlack™ without changing the bearings original wall thickness dimensions, and while also acting as a solid lubricants for those metal-to-metal conditions. It also helps protect the engine from oil starvation.
The CR6902XPC has hit the market exactly in time to attend the demand for high-performance bearings that AMS needs for superb engine operation.


Audi R8, Lamborghini Huracan & Gallardo
The masterpiece premium engines from Volkswagen motor home will be treated with the CR 227XPC connecting rod bearings and the MB1322XPC main bearings sets.
AMS performance are taking those projects higher than ever possible and for such demanding builds, we’ve created to facilitate those peak demands and deliver, whether be it the polymer coated pMaxkote™, or the ability to combine the needed bearing capacity. To make it easier for each rebuilder to execute his upgrade, we’ve put those sets in small shell numbers that will fit all engine variations, without leaving extra shells in the box.
The main bearings’ set consists of two shells, one of which is designed with Elliptix™ oil hole,  and a dedicated partial oil groove for better oil lubrication.