RadiaLock - Optimal crush height and heat transfer

  • Optimal press fit
  • Improves bearing spin and fretting prevention
  • Better heat transfer
  • Reduces bearing and housing distortion

A common industry practice is to design race bearings with excessive crush height. However, the extreme operating conditions and degree of individualization in today’s race engines call for greater design precision. King responded with RadiaLock™.

RadiaLock™ is an optimal crush height value obtained from an optimization process that customizes each bearing crush height to its specific performance requirements.

During the process, King’s ENSIM™ system analyzes optional height crush values, taking into account engine block or conrod material, coefficient of thermal expansion, torque and more. Following the process, the perfect RadiaLock™ is reached for each bearing in each application.

RadiaLock™ Technical Paper

Design of Crush Height for Reliable Press Fit of High Performance Bearings