pMax Black™ Superior load capacity

  • 24% greater load capacity
  • 17% more fatigue resistance
  • Compatible with all crankshafts

pMax-Black™ combines a unique tri-metal structure with advanced surface processes to deliver superior load capacity.

pMax-Black™ tri-metal structure

Intermediate layer
The intermediate layer of a typical race bearing contains 2-3% tin, with hardness values of 90-95 HV.  Within the pMax Black™ intermediate layer, we increased the tin content to 4.5%, making it 22% harder at 115 HV, with a load carrying capacity of 17000 psi.

pMax-Black™ Overlay
The overlay of a typical high performance bearing features a leaded alloy that contains 2-3% copper content. The bearing ‘reaches a hardness level of 11-11.5 HV, and a maximum fatigue resistance at 8000-8500 psi.

King’s pMax Black™ overlay is significantly stronger than conventional overlays due to its 5% copper content and an innovative nano-scaled hardening process.

King Racing pMax Black™ overlay is strengthened by a proprietary nano-scaled hardening process that modifies the molecular structure and creates a black fatigue-resistant shield. The outcome is a significant 24% increase in hardness and load capacity, reaching 18.1HV and maximum fatigue resistance of 10,200 psi.

SecureBond™ – Maximum tri-metal structural integrity

High loads and high RPM’s create critical stress levels that filter through the multi-layer construction of a tri-metal race bearing. SecureBond™ is a micro-etch surface preparation process. It strengthens the tri-metal structural integrity, reduces likelihood of catastrophic failure due to delamination of one layer from the other under extreme load conditions or metal–to-metal contact.

pMAX Black™ Technical Paper

Strengthened Tri-metal Bearing Materials for High Performance Bearings