Michele Abbate and Grr Racing Return to Trans Am West Coast Series for 2020 Effort

The Las Vegas based team, Grr Racing, is making their return to the Trans Am West Coast Championship series presented by Pirelli for the 2020 season.  Driver and team owner Michele Abbate made her debut in 2019 with Trans Am in the competitive TA2 class and finished the season with a top 5 finish overall.  “We are very proud of our first year efforts, and we are making it our focus to earn a spot on the podium throughout the 2020 season”, Crew Chief Anthony Philleo shares.

Michele Abbate and the new Camaro design. source: https://www.instagram.com/m1cheleabbate/


“We are very thankful for our partners that have continued to support our racing efforts and make it possible to race in America’s Best Road Racing Series, Trans Am”, Michele explains, “I would like to congratulate Scosche (www.Scosche.com) on their 40th Anniversary this year, as well as their 5th consecutive year supporting the Grr Racing team.  In addition, KING Bearings is celebrating their 60 years of business! We are also thankful for our other multi-year partners who have resigned with.

During the off-season the team has expanded the Grr Racing branding and stable to include their 2011 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS street car, dubbed “Project GrrMaro”, which has also received support from several of their partners, including Trans Am Certified Engine Builder Katech Inc (www.katechengines.com).  Be sure to check out Michele’s youtube channel (www.youtube.com/c/MicheleAbbate) to see the weekly updates on that project as well as additional content.

The team is excited to hit the track at Sonoma for the first race of the year on March 15-16.  The West Coast series spans 6 races over the next 8 months and the team will be at every race in addition to other motorsports events.  For more information about Grr Racing please check out the new website that has launched at: www.GrrRacing.com and follow along on their social media channels: @GrrRacing @M1cheleAbbate