COVID-19 Announcement- WE ARE OPEN

To all our Customers and Business Partners:

We understand the growing concerns surrounding COVID-19 and following the recommendations and restrictions for appropriate business operation.

At this time, our company is fully operational, and we are conducting business as close to normal as possible. We are doing our best to minimize potential disruption in the supply of the bearings.

We want to keep everyone healthy and are utilizing proactive measures with additional precautions and frequently deep cleaning our production floor, branches, offices and warehouse spaces to help fight against the spread of the virus.

We have taken actions such as keeping 2 meters space between employees in the production floor and warehouses, complete separation between shifts and teams, meetings via digital technology such as remote conference, video conference and telephone while remaining responsive to our customers and to each other.

King’s number one priority is to ensure the continuing health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers and business colleagues, as well as the stability of our business services. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and the health professionals working to care for them; We hope everyone in our business community stays healthy and safe and use proper precautions.